Chassis Mount Wing

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  • The "angle of attack" can be adjusted by simply changing forward holes. 
  • The foil height is set to be as efficient as possible, per its particular design and vehicle application. 
  • Built-in "X" brace is designed to increase lateral & torsional strength. Reduces side-to-side & twisting flex. 
  • Professionally TIG welded for aesthetics and strength (vs.) using heavy bolts, washers, and nuts which induces weak areas. 
  • Chassis-mounted through our bash bar, which has been tested & proven to be strong & effective, so your rear end will be fully protected. 
  • Easily height-adjustable through our anti-slip lower brackets. We don't use straight slots, because having the wing shift while driving is not beneficial.
  • Wing stand and bash bar come powder coated

What's included:

  • 1 foil/wing deck (69" wide, made of carbon fiber for strength and low weight of 7.5 lbs) 
  • 1 aluminum wing stand (constructed to be strong & very light, weighing only 9.4 lbs) 
  • 1 rear bash bar (jack point is optional) 
  • 1 set of tamper-proof hardware & tools 
  • 1 set of light-weight aluminum end plates for road race functionality

Installation & FAQs:

  • Just bolt our bash bar onto the OEM locations & you're good to go! No need to cut, drill, or weld anything onto the car! Exceptions may apply. 
  • The main components (deck, wing stand, and bash bar) are shipped in 3 separate packages.

Can I still access my trunk?

  • Yes, you can still access the trunk by removing the bottom most bolts & swinging the entire wing assembly back until it stops on the bash bar.

Can I still run my rear bumper?

  • You can still run a rear bumper while retaining the functionality of the pivot feature, but you'd have to cut out two slots for the bumper to slide over the brackets.

Is the wing welded onto the bar?

  • No, the wing assembly is not welded onto the bar. The mounting brackets are welded onto our bars, which allows the wings to bolt onto our bars.

What if I already have a rear bash bar but want to run your wing?

  • You can purchase our wing setup without our rear bash bar! We can include two mounting brackets which would be needed to weld onto your existing rear bash bar. However, we can't guarantee functional deck height for bars that were not made by us, since the bar is not our design.

Can you make a wing to fit my _____?

  • We can make our chassis mount wing for almost any car! The only thing that would change is the rear bash bar, which allows our wing to mount onto. After a deposit is made, we bring in a local car for R&D then ship your wing setup once it's ready! Send us an email to get a wing made for your car.

Disclaimer: Our images may be generic. This product was NOT designed to be used as a safety device. We do not recommend standing on our chassis mount wings. There is a possibility of the wing deck breaking if too much weight is applied and could cause injuries. Our products are intended for off-road use only.

Please allow up to 2-3 months for complete wing assemblies to be shipped out if they are not in stock.