Bash Bars

Our bash bars are designed by a certified aerospace TIG welder. Each of our bars are constructed using CNC cut .120" thick mild-steel tubing that is precisely bent on a programmable tubing bender. All of our bars come powder coated to prevent chipping and rusting. The advantages of using Street Faction's bash bars include:
  • Bolt-on replacement for the OEM crash beam
  • Bolts onto OEM location using factory hardware
  • Clears signal lights, unlike other bolt-on bash bars
  • FMIC clearance
  • Supports aftermarket aero bumpers/kits
  • TIG welded
  • Weight savings

Most of our bars are modular, so we can add options such as:
  • Corner Bracing - protects your car from corner impacts
  • Upper Support - for pop-ups only, eliminates bumper sag between the hood and bumper
  • Jack Point - saves time by quickly jacking up your car
  • License Plate Mount - proper way to mount your plate without using zip-ties
  • Tow Hook Mount - mounting point to pull your vehicle

- FAQ -

    If I converted my front end, then which bar would I need?

    • For any S-Chassis bar, the bar would depend on the BUMPER that you are using, not the chassis. So if you have an s14 front end on your s13, then you'd need the s14 bar. And if you have an s15 front end on your s14, then you'd need an s15 bar. Or if you have a Kouki front end on your Zenki, then you'd need the Kouki bar.

    Note: Images may be generic. Not all options are available for most chassis. Please contact us if your option is unavailable.

    Disclaimer: Our bash bars are not guaranteed to fit cars that have previously been in a front-end accident. Bash bars have not been tested on every bumper, so some trimming may be required. Our bars are made to order, so please allow anywhere between 4-6 weeks for each bar to be shipped out. Our products are intended for off-road use only.

    • FRS front bash bars only fit on the 2012-2016 models
    • IS300 front bars will not fit USDM bumpers, it will interfere with the corner lights